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LRAM – Long-Range Acoustic Messaging

LRAM provides integrated underwater communications with submarines at long ranges enabling tactical flexibility such as mission change/update, targeting re-assignment, covert exchange of vital of information in littoral waters and more. LRAM also enhances safety by providing reliable, extended, two-way communications with a distressed submarine.

LRAM combines SATCOM/radio with underwater acoustic communications through an expendable buoy or persistent USV for tactical messaging covering broad ocean/sea areas and the shallows up to the coast line.

LRAM can also be applied for UUV communications as well as activation of underwater devices.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Proven ability to operate in presence of high power in-band sonar
  • Built-in data security and access features
  • Submarine installation – interface to sonar or add-on installation. Walk-on system fit. Implemented on standard COTS laptop.
  • Command base station – IRIDIUM with optional VHF-UHF RF link. Implemented on a standard COTS laptop

LRAM is a GeoSpectrum product, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd.

LRAM – Long-Range Acoustic Messaging

Acoustic Subsystems and Components

Elbit Systems can provide underwater acoustics subsystems and components to support scientific, commercial and defense applications with a choice of versatile off-the-shelf products or custom designed/tailored solutions for your needs. Sound sources/transducers – Free Flooded Rings, Flexural Discs/Benders, bender arrays, Tonpilz (with built-in tuning for active and passive operation for hull-mounted sonars).

  • Directional sensors – DIFAR, particle motion/velocity, 2 & 3 dimensional particle velocity sensors for mammal detection, air-gun characterization, environmental monitoring and down-hole well monitoring.
  • Hydrophones – High volume seismic streamer hydrophones, monitoring hydrophones, high frequency, omni-directional, high sensitivity, digital, directional, depth switched and amplified.
  • Arrays – Towed, moored or on-the-bottom cable arrays for submarine, torpedo, ship and marine mammal detection and harbor surveillance. All arrays can be configured for digital or analog outputs, autonomous or wired operation, and can include omni-directional, 2-axis or 3-axis directional sensors.
  • Portable acoustic calibrators – can be used from vessels of opportunity in various bodies of water or test tanks. Wide variety of tests – Transmit Voltage Response (TVR) of sound sources, beam pattern, source level measurements, complex impedance/admittance and receive sensitivity of hydrophones.