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Long-Range Acoustic Messaging provides integrated underwater communications with submarines at long ranges enabling tactical flexibility such as mission change/update, targeting re-assignment, covert exchange of vital of information in littoral waters and more.

LRAM also enhances safety by providing reliable, extended, two-way communications with a distressed submarine. LRAM combines SATCOM/radio with underwater acoustic communications through an expendable buoy or persistent USV for tactical messaging covering broad ocean/sea areas and the shallows up to the coast line.

LRAM is a GeoSpectrum product, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd.


Low-5 Array

The Low-5 array is a passive acoustic array designed specifically for low frequency underwater detection and communication including under ice operation.

The Low-5 array’s unique low displacement, low power, low drag, high speed-stability and high-performance design optimize it for employment in unmanned, persistent underwater surveillance and communication missions.

Low-5 array is a GeoSpectrum product, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd.

Low-5 Array
Low-5 Array

Acoustic Subsystems and Components

Elbit Systems can provide underwater acoustics subsystems and components to support scientific, commercial and defense applications with a choice of versatile off-the-shelf products or custom designed/tailored solutions for your needs.

Sound sources/transducers – Free Flooded Rings, Flexural Discs/Benders, bender arrays, Tonpilz (with built-in tuning for active and passive operation for hull-mounted sonars).