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LRAM – Long-Range Acoustic Messaging

LRAM provides integrated underwater communications with submarines at long ranges enabling tactical flexibility such as mission change/update, targeting re-assignment, covert exchange of vital of information in littoral waters and more. LRAM also enhances safety by providing reliable, extended, two-way communications with a distressed submarine.

LRAM combines SATCOM/radio with underwater acoustic communications through an expendable buoy or persistent USV for tactical messaging covering broad ocean/sea areas and the shallows up to the coast line.

LRAM can also be applied for UUV communications as well as activation of underwater devices.

Key Features & Capabilities:

  • Proven ability to operate in presence of high power in-band sonar
  • Built-in data security and access features
  • Submarine installation – interface to sonar or add-on installation. Walk-on system fit. Implemented on standard COTS laptop.
  • Command base station – IRIDIUM with optional VHF-UHF RF link. Implemented on a standard COTS laptop

LRAM is a GeoSpectrum product, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd.

LRAM – Long-Range Acoustic Messaging