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Elbit Systems UK Ethics & Conduct

Conducting our business ethically is one of Elbit Systems’ core values. Our policy is to follow best practice compliance standards applicable to the broad range of our global activities. Because of the significance we place on ethical business conduct, our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, our Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy and our Supplier Code of Conduct are all publicly available as provided below.

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

As part of our ongoing Ethics compliance program, and consistent with legal requirements applicable to publicly traded companies, we are pleased to attach our updated Code of Conduct and Business Ethics as approved by Elbit Systems Board of Directors. 

Because of the importance we place on conducting our activities in an ethical manner, our employees, officers and directors are committed to following the Code as well as our other ethics and compliance related procedures and policies.



As an adjunct to our Code of Conduct above we also have a separate procedure on Whistleblowing and Investigations.


Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy

The international nature of our business and our work with governmental customers and end users around the world require us to be compliant with anti-bribery laws, regulations and standards. Our employees, officers and directors are committed to anti-bribery compliance as set forth in our Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy, which also describes our policy on business entertainment and gifts.


Business Entertainment and Gifts Policy

As an adjunct to our Anti-Bribery Compliance Policy above we also have a separate policy on business entertainment and gifts.


Supplier Code of Conduct

We expect our supply chain to meet our ethical standards in all of their activities with us, as reflected in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is incorporated into our procurement agreements.


Conflict Minerals Compliance Policy

We support government and industry initiatives to increase supply chain transparency to facilitate the ability of companies to source “conflict-free minerals”. We are also committed to sourcing materials from companies that share our values with respect to conflict minerals, as reflected in our Conflict Minerals Compliance Policy. Elbit Systems’ most recent Conflict Minerals Report to the SEC is attached

English version 2017 version

Tax Policy

The information herein represents the Tax Policy that applies to Elbit Systems Ltd. (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries world-wide, and is being published in compliance with the requirements of Schedule 19 of the UK Finance Act 2016. This Tax Policy is consistent with the Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and other compliance policies.


Transparency in Supply Chain Statement

We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business. We have adopted an Elbit Systems UK-wide Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy, which is part of our Supplier Code of Conduct, and constitutes a standard part of our agreements with our supply chains.