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Elbit Systems UK is first to deploy Defence Virtual Simulation 2 (DVS2) software for British Army

4 April 2023

Elbit Systems UK’s simulators have been fully integrated with next generation software in a first for British Army

London, 04 April, 2023 – Elbit Systems UK has successfully upgraded its Interim Combined Arms Virtual Simulation [Deployable] (ICAVS(D) system with an advanced simulation software, called Defence Virtual Simulation 2 (DVS2). This is the first complex British Army training capability to be fully integrated with DVS2 which utilises Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ VBS4, VBS Blue Image Generator and One World Terrain. 

Elbit Systems UK’s deployable virtual simulator, ICAVS(D), achieved Full Operational Capability in September 2022, and has now passed acceptance testing with DVS2 by both the Land Warfare Centre and the Training and Simulation Systems Programme (TSSP) team within the Land Equipment Operating Centre at Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), the procurement arm of the UK armed forces.


The rapid integration of the software capabilities was achievable due to Elbit Systems UK’s open architecture system, a key feature of the ICAVS(D) platform. This allows for a system agnostic approach, supporting continuous through-life upgrades and ensuring that the British Army’s capabilities keep pace with future technological developments.

“The integration of the ICAVS(D) simulator with Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ software ensures that UK service personnel can train using the most up to date technology. It is more important now than ever that the Armed Forces have access to the most advanced training systems available and that is achieved when industry innovates in an agile and flexible way. The open architecture of Elbit Systems UK’s combined arms virtual simulator demonstrates that”. 

Martin Fausset, CEO of Elbit Systems UK

Elbit Systems UK’s deployable virtual simulator ICAVS(D)

“DVS2 will provide ICAVS(D) with enhanced simulation, mapping, and AI modelling, to deliver realistic, immersive training to the British Army. The use of DVS2’s One World Terrain will allow ICAVS(D) users to train virtually in any part of the world from anywhere in the world. The integration of DVS2 into ICAVS(D) this early in the project’s life is testament to the hard work that the Elbit Systems UK team has put in behind the scenes as well as the collaborative working relationship that is in place between both contractors, Elbit Systems UK, Bohemia Interactive Simulations and the TSSP Delivery Team – who are responsible for the delivery of both contracts to the Front Line Commands.”

Dan McLoughlin, Defence Virtual Systems 2 (DVS2) and ICAVS (D) Senior Project Manager at Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)



Elbit Systems UK Ltd. holds three wholly owned subsidiaries as well as two joint ventures. In total, over 600 personnel are employed by the Elbit Systems UK companies in the UK, in high tech roles in the defence, aerospace and rail sectors. The two joint ventures were formed in order to deliver the Watchkeeper programme for the British Army and to supply and support three fleets of aircraft within the UK MOD Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) programme. Elbit Systems UK is an established supplier to the UK Armed Forces, participating in several major Defence programmes such as Morpheus and MEWSIC Increment 1, and delivering the Dismounted Joint Fires Integrator and Joint Fires Synthetic Trainer.