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Maritime Electronic Warfare (EW)

Rapidly Evolving Threats and Solutions:

Rapidly evolving threats and an increasingly congested Electromagnetic Environment (EME) are challenges that can only be overcome through an agile and spiral approach. Electronic Warfare solutions must be open, both technically and commercially, to fully achieve through-life development effectively.

Elbit Systems’ Investment:

By leveraging investment in proven Military off The Shelf capabilities, Elbit Systems’ customers can achieve significant Operational Advantage, whilst also retaining enduring sovereignty and Freedom of Action. The provision of true openness, innovative functionality, scalability and availability will ensure EME dominance.

Constant advances in technology are driving improved access to the EME for adversaries, increasing the risk for our customers and their allies. This is why it is essential for today’s world-leading technology to evolve continuously, remaining relevant to protect front-line platforms in this most complex and congested maritime battlespace.

Where legacy meets innovation

Elbit Systems has been one of the world leaders, and pioneers, in EW and SIGINT for the last 50 years. We have consistently delivered world firsts, including in the 1990s, when shoulder fired missiles (MANPADS) became a threat to military and commercial aircraft. The Company responded by offering a revolutionary IR- based multi-functional self-protection system, one of the first operational and combat proven system of its kind.

As the technological capabilities grew, so did the systems, with Elbit Systems as one of the first proponents of full band digital Radar Electronic Support Measures (RESM). The first fully digital RESM system was delivered in 2011, with the Royal Canadian Navy - a Five Eyes partner, receiving their first system in 2013.


Since then, Elbit Systems EW solutions across Air, Land and Maritime have been the choice of a long list of customers across the globe, including the German Air Force, the U.S. Air Force, NATO and Portugal. This includes the recent selection of Elbit Systems suites by Germany to support the preliminary design of Airborne Electronic Warfare self-protection systems for the CH 53 GS/GE transport helicopters.

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With decades of hands-on experience in a wide range of scenarios, our cutting-edge solutions meet the needs of a diverse range of missions. Supporting all types of platforms, applications and functions, our comprehensive solutions are well suited for military and Homeland Security (HLS) intelligence and EW or SIGINT applications, including rapid and precise information gathering, targeting and jamming. Extensive experience and innovative technology result in operationally outstanding, mission outcome focused capabilities for our customers.


Driven by the need to provide its customers with world-leading maritime EW capabilities so they can achieve Operational Advantage, Elbit Systems continually invests in Research & Development (R&D) to ensure they stay ahead of the curve. As we move further into the digital age, the speed of cycle of technical change is increasing rapidly.

eM-e dominate

Next generation of Maritime Electronic Warfare

eM-e dominate is a suite of maritime EW systems, based on an open systems and modern digital design. Tailored and sovereign variants of this fully digital EW suite are now operational, manufactured, integrated and continuously developed by Elbit Systems and partners around the world including Five Eye nations.

Developed using open principles from the start, the suite is adaptive and modular, providing a choice of;

eM-e sense Electronic Surveillance (ES)/ Radar ESM (RESM) with ELINT capabilities

eM-e control Electronic Warfare Command and Control (EWC2) including Mission Planning

eM-e defeat EW Counter Measure (EWCM), Electronic Attack and effectors activation countering identified threats.

Together, eM-e sense, eM-e control with or without eM-e defeat combine to form eM-e dominate the next generation of secure and open Maritime Electronic Warfare capabilities.

A ‘systems of systems’ secure and open systems architecture (EWC2) capability

The eM-e control is a ‘System-of-Systems’ capability comprised of an innovative and dedicated EWC2 integrated with a RESM / ES sensor (eM-e sense). Together, eM-e sense and eM-e control combine to form eM-e dominate, our end-to-end EW solution.

Our eM-e control fuses the advantages and benefits of an operational-proven modern maritime EW solution, with the advantages and benefits of an operational-modern C2 capability already deployed in various tactical disciplines.

This innovative and evergreen ‘System-of-Systems’ solution ensures a modular, easily upgradeable, high-performance EW solution that is inherently flexible in its delivery and deployment concept. It enables, when required, delivery of tailored system capabilities, such as dedicated EWC2 applications. Developed from operationally proven tactical C2 applications, this includes algorithms to address present threats. As such, eM-e control provides a low risk, robust and operationally proven solution.

Planning Effective EW data visualisation during planning; Revolutionary EW estimate and planning toolset; Integrated mission rehearsals.
Shared Situational Awareness Improved battle management; SSA through visualisation; Reducing the user cognitive burden; Exploiting data from multiple shipborne sensors, systems and intelligence assets; Providing the operator with integrated decision support tools.
Anti-Ship Missile Defence Bringing adaptive algorithms that exploit decision analytics and recorded data and rules-based Tactics to support ASMD; Automating tactical EW decision making; Managing platform and Task Group EW effectors; True Hard - Kill and Soft - Kill coordination; Automation delivering EW efficiency.
RESM & ELINT Greater fidelity of RESM and ELINT data; Stage 1 analysis through visualisation; Improved database management.
Features System-of-Systems approach;In-service API Framework; Operational applications and algorithms; ECM ready, Built-in system calibration and performance tests; Low risk, robust and operationally proven solution; Live training and rehearsal capabilities.

The latest generation fully digital Radar ESM system on the market

eM-e sense forms part of a suite of EW systems. It comprises a sophisticated sensor array and digitisation system coupled with service-based algorithmic and record management software. Elbit Systems EW capabilities deliver a significant step forward in digital signal detection and processing utilising bespoke, latest generation algorithms that deliver the highest quality EW data to Elbit’s eM-e control capability. eM-e sense delivers technological advantage in an increasingly contested and congested EME with future growth potential including ECM and EA (Low Power) as part of the existing HW and interfaces within the existing digital receiver.

Frequency coverage 0.5 GHz to 40 GHz
Frequency extension W Band (Option)
Bearing accuracy <2° (2 GHz to 40 GHz)
Sensitivity -70 dBmi to<<-80 dBmi (PW dependent)
Pulse Width (PW) Range 50 nsec to CW
Dynamic Range 60 dB (instantaneous)
Spatial Coverage 360° azimuth measurement full band
Elevation measurement (Option)
Antenna suite Very high sensitivity Interferometric DF phased array antennae
Very low RCS profile.
Receiver Full digital utilising Direct sampling,multi-bit,channelised wide band Panoramic receiver.
Advanced Signal Processing including Time Overlapping pulse (Co-Pulse) reception,immunity and resilience mechanisms,designed to withstand environmental,offensive and co-site interference.
Automated in-line High Sense ELINT capabilities.
High POI and alarm response in congested and contested EME
ECM Ready design for future RFCM introduction.
Analysis Employs adaptive algorithms and deep learning to lower-alarm rates
Multiple Hypothesis Tracking for EW Tracking,solving EW relationship conflicts
Extensive BIT and diagnostic capabilities.
Calibration & On-Board Training Built-in calibration management, which doesn’t affect the operational status
OBT solution,realism mixing of live & simulated emitters.

The latest generation of EWCM capabilities providing protection for your platforms and assets against the latest threats in the most challenging environments. 

eM-e defeat is a suite of EW Counter Measure (EWCM) systems that forms part of Elbit’s eM-e dominate capability. 

eM-e defeat provides customers with ‘best of breed’ onboard or offboard EWCM effector delivery systems (trainable launchers) or effectors including Electronic Attack, that can be either integrated as part of a Elbit’s end-to-end capability: eM-e defeat (dominate) for maximum system coherency, and or integrated with a 3rd party’s EW system.  

The timing of the delivery of threat responses is critical to platform and asset protection, as such Elbit offers the very latest technology; including use of EW payloads on pre-emptively deployed Unmanned Air and or Unmanned Surface Vessels in high threat areas,; this provides persistence and CM optimisation - maximising survivability against modern Anti-Ship threats. The dynamic planning, management and operational use of EWCM is a key function of eM-e control.

Maritime Trainable decoy launcher (Effector delivery system)- providing the ability to rapidly and coherently conduct appropriate platform ASMD responses by placing different effectors decoys away from the host platform(s) – aiming to achieve Hard Kill and Soft Kill optimisation and thus improving platform survivability.