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A consumer augmented reality company specializing in smartglasses for the outdoors, designed to enhance every ride by projecting an unobtrusive AR layer of information out in front of the cyclist’s eyes.

Everysight team is bringing its cutting-edge experience in developing vision systems and Head-Up Displays (HUD) for fighter pilots to the field of wearable technology.

Brightway Vision

Driving during bad weather, at night or with limited visibility increases the chances of car accidents. BrightWay Vision (BWV) provides enhanced vision during all weather conditions (including harsh weather), day and night for the automotive industry based on active gated imaging technology.


A medical technology company developing surgeon-centered visualization solutions. Clarity™ Bionic Visualization Platform, redefines the standard for operating room (OR) visualization. The platform serves as a digital extension of the surgeon, providing augmented reality vision that replaces surgical microscopes and allows integration of an unlimited amount of data.


Cyberbit is a market-leading provider of cyber range platforms for training cybersecurity professionals. In over 100,000 training sessions annually across 5 continents, Cyberbit delivers a hyper-realistic experience that replicates a real-world cyberattack by immersing trainees in a virtual SOC, where they use commercial security tools to respond to live, simulated attacks.