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Investing in deep tech startups, who are building commercial applications around highly innovative and disruptive technologies that are based on scientific discoveries requires a different approach and specialty than the background that is usually required in other types of investments. 

As the open innovation arm of Elbit systems, Incubit brings to the table the ability to identify opportunities in the deep tech space and evaluate their potential in terms of innovation, technology and commercial aspects. This is done leveraging Elbit Systems’ team of technological experts who are involved in the pre-funding due diligence process, making Incubit the only funding program that brings engineering people into the dialogue this early in the process.


Ammune™ made by L7 Defense identifies the most complex malicious “patterns” from the traffic that aren’t even visible to other tools. It is a real time “unsupervised learning” technology inspired by the natural immune system that performs without a need for pre-training.


Using a sensor to monitor an entire elderly apartment, EchoCare develops a non-wearable and non-intrusive, elderly-care home monitoring system that automatically detects and alerts a variety of emergency situations, such as falls.


Offering innovative platform for fully automatic transcription and captioning of video and audio clips. VocaSee process includes sending video/audio snippets to the system’s cloud service which analyzes them and sends back the transcription, captions and content analytics.


Developing breakthrough technology to increase the energy and power of super-capacitors and lithium ion batteries by connecting carbon nanotubes (CNT) with various electrode materials to create highly conductive 3-dimensional structures, CENS is set to meet the increasing demands of electronics, transportation, medical device and defense markets.


Developing advanced, environmentally friendly rocket engines based on innovative gel-propellant technology, NewRocket provides a new alternative to both solid rockets that once ignited cannot be controlled or shut down and reignited, and to liquid rockets, that are difficult to maintain and rely on very toxic or cryogenic propellants.


Expanding the horizons of the current technological frontiers of 3D printing, CIC3D enables to 3D print printed circuit boards (PCBs) while maintaining high level of conductivity.

CIC3D was set to overcome currently limitations that prohibit wide use of neither of silver ink containing nanometric silver particles nor copper ink containing nanometric copper particles.


Developing a new cutting edge technology for cellular infrastructure transmitter, Exband’s technology offers a quantum leap in broadband transmission, by presenting a unique linearization technology that’s able to linearize 100’s to 1000’s of MHz instantaneous transmission bandwidth.


Spectralics develops a thin film optics which will be adjacent to the vehicle’s windshield to create a highly wide field of view and an infinite focal depth, both of which are necessary in order to create an immersive and natural augmented reality experience on the vehicle’s windshield.


While the demand for autonomous vessels is rapidly growing, there are at present no solutions for autonomous launch and recovery of unmanned vessels. Sealartec, is developing a unique, fully autonomous system for autonomous launch and recovery of vessels.


Nowadays, Tower Cranes are operated manually from a top tower cabin, with on ground verbal coordination – this leads to a Large number of fatal accidents, Inefficient operations, and Projects delays.

Utrawis’s Solution is based on Elbit Systems’ technology and 14 registered patents. Founded by top senior engineers from Elbit Systems. Will be ready to market through 2020.


Hemisens provides ultra-large scale system of high resolution, low power, light weight and reliable seismic sensors. The system ease of deployment and flexible nature allows high density, wide azimuth acquisition in both high and low channel counts surveys, significantly increasing the productivity of exploration companies. 


Aiming to provide a technology complementing and ultimately replacing traditional cancer diagnostics, Collage Medical Imaging develops an optical biopsy for revolutionary microscopic diagnostics of local cancerous tumors inside organs.

The patented technology integrates a unique combination of very high resolution, short range, Optical Coherence Tomography technology with Spatial